We treat every horse as though it were our own. Whether it is a personal pet, a Gran Prix show horse, a Superstar Race Horse, or Million Dollar Breeding stallion, everyone is treated the same - 1st Class! Our company does not believe in or offer an "economy class" for any of its passengers!

Whether it is just one or a plane load of 70 horses, our clients are always assured that their horses receive the best care possible. All of our staff are experienced horsemen and go through extensive training before working with horses on aircrafts. Your horses never even realize they are on a plane and flying!

No matter if it is a single cow or bull to plane loads upon plane loads of cattle, we can handle it. Dairy Cattle, beef cattle, no matter - we have over 25 years of knowledge and experience, when it comes to handling, coordinating and shipping cattle to any part in the world.

We can make pigs FLY!!!
We ship goats, sheep, pigs and other livestock animals to any port in the world. Lazcar commonly arranges shipments no matter size or quantity.


Wild animals and performing animals require delicate care and we make sure they travel in a quick, safe and stress free environment. Some of our clients are Disney Studios, public and private zoos. We have transported animals for animal parks throughout the world.


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